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Board of Trustees

Felicitas Mylene P. Sarmiento

Leandro P. Sarmiento

April D. Sarmiento
Corp. Secretary/Managing Director

Leonida D. Sarmiento

Demetrio P. Sarmiento

Joel P. Sarmiento

The Sarmientos

One of the objectives of Sarmiento Heritage Foundation is to enrich the artistic ability of the poor.

This purpose has indeed a manifestation of valuable talents of the late Antonio S. Sarmiento who showed exemplary ability in fine arts and music. The third of the four children of the late Tomas and Juana Sarmiento, Antonio was born in Agno, Pangasinan on January 4, 1929.

Tomas Sarmiento came from Taguig, Rizal (now part of Metro Manila). This maybe one of the reasons why the third generation of Sarmientos from Agno, Pangasinan traced their roots in Rizal. They have decided to live in Cainta, Rizal since 1995.

The legacy of Antonio S. Sarmiento in arts and music inspired the foundation to form a cultural program. This program gives excellence awards and addresses the children and the youth to showcase their crafts in creative arts such as writing, drawing, painting, sculpture and graphic design; and also in the field of performing arts like singing, dancing, musical rendition and theatre.

Today, the Sarmientos through this foundation return to the society to help the disadvantaged individuals and to make a significant difference in their lives.

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