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Mission and Vision


In Fulfillment
of a Mission

"Helping the community especially the sick and
the poor has been my sincere desire ever since I was a young boy."

- D.P. Sarmiento

"Everyone in the family is responding to the social issues especially on charity." - T.P. Sarmiento

A group photo of the Board of Trustees taken during the first anniversary of the foundation on Dec. 24, 2003. From left to right, D.P. Sarmiento, M.P. Sarmiento, T.P. Sarmiento, L.D. Sarmiento, L.P. Sarmiento and J.P. Sarmiento.

In order to preserve Sarmiento family's legacy and to be responsive to charitable and educational objectives of the Sarmiento.Biz, family members of the late Antonio S. Sarmiento, have joined hands to promote the programs and projects of Sarmiento Heritage Foundation aimed to:

Provide outreach charity assistance (civic action and medical mission) to sick persons, poor families, disabled and abused individuals in urban and rural areas.

Broaden the talents of the poor in the fields of creative and performing arts in expressing their awareness and support to the programs on environmental protection and family heritage preservation.

Give leadership and heritage awards to graduating high school valedictorians and salutatorians, respectively.

Grant scholarship assistance to de-serving poor students in high school and college.

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